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Professionals Seal the Deal with Auto Shippers

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Professionals Seal the Deal with Auto Shippers

When business professionals recognize a good deal, they don’t forget about it. That’s why so many rely on auto shippers to make their corporate moves easier and more efficient. One of the aspects most business-minded people look at is the guarantee that an auto shipper does his business professionally and has all of his legal bases covered.

In the United States, each car shipper is required by law to carry liability and cargo insurance. An auto shipper should also have a current Motor Carrier license and U.S. Department of Transportation registration number. Before hiring an auto shipper, always remember to check for these details. It’s also a good idea to enquire about the exact terms and conditions of their insurance, so you’re clear on every aspect of your contract with the auto shipper. If you feel that your vehicle isn’t adequately covered by the auto shipper’s insurance policy, enquire about additional insurance options. Besides understanding your rights as a car shipper’s customer, you should also know that it’s your responsibility to make sure your car’s prepared for transport when it’s picked up. If you have any questions about the paperwork, a reliable auto shipper will always answer them for you.



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