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Three Tips to Prepare Your Car for Automobile Relocation

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Three Tips to Prepare Your Car for Automobile Relocation

Automobile relocation is an efficient and affordable way of moving your car to any location in the world. But whether the destination is three states away or the other side of the globe, there are a number of things you’ll have to do in order to make sure your car is properly prepared for shipping. There’s nothing worse than having your car delivered after automobile relocation, only to find out that you can’t drive it without getting gas or having it repaired. What follows are three tips to prepare your car for automobile relocation:

  1. Make sure all tires are properly inflated. Your car will most likely be transported on an open car carrier and proper air pressure in the tires will help absorb the impact of all bumps and dips in varying road surfaces.
  2. Thoroughly clean all windows. During automobile relocation, stones and rocks can bounce off the road surface and damage your auto glass. Clear, clean glass will help you notice cracks or pits that weren’t there before automobile relocation. Though rare, auto glass damage does happen.
  3. Fill up the fluids in your car, including the brake fluid, windshield fluid, and anti-freeze.



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