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Vintage Car Shipping Rates on the Rise

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Vintage Car Shipping Rates on the Rise

Collectors and dealers of vintage cars are feeling the effects of the crisis in the Middle East in their wallets. With oil prices spiking and gas over $4 per gallon, car shipping rates have risen significantly in recent weeks. But for most fans of classic and vintage cars, climbing car shipping rates won’t stop them from buying and selling cars across the country. Though rising gas prices in combination with government incentives are encouraging consumers to consider more modern, fuel-efficient cars, vintage car collectors consider other aspects when purchasing a vehicle.

With approximately 10 million car collectors in the United States alone, higher car shipping rates aren’t likely to have much of an impact on the vintage car trade. It’s more likely that vintage car shipping companies will take their own precautions to keep car shipping rates to a minimum. One proven way of keeping car shipping rates down is to make sure that every car shipment is fully booked before it hits the road. But car shipping rates for individual, specialized vintage car transports are likely to rise along with fuel prices, as auto transporting companies can’t divide the transport costs across a number of customers.



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