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Helicopters for Car Transport?

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Helicopters for Car Transport?

Helicopters for car transport? It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true: at the beginning of March, Ferrari used this alternative method of car transport to get two brand new FFs to the top of the Plan de Corones in the Italian Dolomites. Ferrari doesn’t make a habit of using CH-47 Chinooks for car transport, but in this instance, the company decided to add Hollywood-style glamour to the presentation of an already much-hyped new model. The world’s press was duly impressed by the car transport, and according to reviews, was even more impressed by the Ferrari FFs themselves.

The FF is Ferrari’s first foray into the four-wheel drive model, and offers smooth road handling—even through the snow-covered Dolomites’ hairpin turns. With a three-door hatchback styling, the FF offers a significant amount of cargo space, while featuring a powerful V-12 engine that generates 651 hp and 504 lb. feet of torque.

Ferrari fans in the United States who haven’t yet placed an order for their FF will have to wait a while, as this first production year is entirely sold out. Remember, when your own FF is delivered, it’ll most likely be via a more conventional form of car transport than a Chinook!



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