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Tips for Exotic Car Shipping Across Borders

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Tips for Exotic Car Shipping Across Borders

Since the advent of the Internet, it’s become increasingly easy to trade exotic cars worldwide. Thanks to companies that offer exotic car shipping, you can do an Internet search from your home in Washington, find the exotic car you want in Italy, and use exotic car shipping to transport it to the United States. If you’re thinking of importing or exporting an exotic car, here are some tips to bear in mind:

  • Choose an established company with proven experience in exotic car shipping across borders. It’s essential to understand that if you can’t be there yourself, you’ll need a broker to bring your car through customs, so be sure that this service is included in the exotic car shipping quote.
  • Coordinate the pick-up and delivery times and dates with the buyer or seller, and make sure both parties have copies of the exotic car shipping itinerary.
  • Make sure all of the vehicle’s paperwork is in order. When crossing borders and importing vehicles, customs require all paperwork to be accurate and current.
  • Get adequate insurance coverage. International exotic car shipping is a long process, so take all necessary precautions to insure your vehicle sufficiently.



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