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Students Get Better Deals with Seasonal Vehicle Transport!

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Students Get Better Deals with Seasonal Vehicle Transport!

It’s an unfortunate truth that with the cost of tuition nowadays, most college students usually don’t have money to burn. And as a parent, you still want your daughter to be safe and not cut corners in order to save money. So when it’s time for her to come back from school, it’s good to know that seasonal vehicle transport offers special discounts for students.

Thanks to student discounts on seasonal vehicle transport, you don’t need to worry about your daughter driving across five states to get back home. With seasonal vehicle transport, your daughter’s car is shipped safely and quickly from the college dorm to your driveway for a reasonable price. Just think about the costs of a road trip nowadays—with gas prices well over $4 and food prices on the rise, the costs of most long drives add up significantly. With seasonal vehicle transport, your daughter can fly out instead of driving long hours in unpredictable traffic and inclement weather. And remember, if she’s heading back to school after the summer for another year of college, you can save even more money on a round trip.

It’s clear: seasonal vehicle transport is the safe and affordable option for students.



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