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How to Ship a Vehicle Last-Minute

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How to Ship a Vehicle Last-Minute

Celebrity moves can be unexpected and unpredictable. Broadway actresses can suddenly land a starring role in a sitcom for a season, musicians decide to move to the mountains for the inspirational views, and sports stars are traded to another team on the other side of the country. And as an agent, you’ll have to ship a vehicle last-minute more than once in your career.

Because when your busy client, who’s always in the limelight, needs tier car to get away from it all, you want it to be there for them. If you need to ship a vehicle, it’s good to know there are a select few transport companies that cater to celebrity clients. This means that they know how to ship a star’s vehicle quickly and efficiently, and with the least amount of publicity.

In most cases, celebrities can’t be present for the pick-up and delivery but just in case they are, the personnel employed to ship a vehicle for a celebrity understands the importance of their privacy. To make last-minute arrangements to ship a vehicle for your client, just call a reliable company’s customer service line and enquire what vehicle shipping options are available.



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