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Inoperable Vehicle Shippers

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Inoperable Vehicle Shippers

Classic car collectors know that inoperable vehicles can be great projects. There’s nothing more fun than spending months looking for original parts, fine-tuning your vehicle, and taking it out for its first spin in years. So when you find that classic car that you want to fix up either on the other side of town or five states away, you’ll need a vehicle shipper with proven experience in transporting inoperable cars to get it to you.

There are a number of excellent vehicle shippers in the United States that have the equipment and expertise to transport inoperable vehicles. One of the best ways to locate them is by asking a local vintage vehicle dealer to recommend one, but you can also search online. Once you’ve found a vehicle shipper that ships inoperable classic cars, ask them how much experience they have with classic cars and what type of equipment they use. Most vehicle shippers prefer to use hydraulic liftgates to get inoperable vehicles onto the carrier. Additionally, ask your vehicle shipper about enclosed car carriers, which protect your car from dust and debris, as well as rain, hail, or snow that could damage your vehicle before you’ve had the chance to fix it up.



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