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Retired Couple Explores Hawaii with Auto Transporting

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Retired Couple Explores Hawaii with Auto Transporting

Betty and George, a retired couple from Philadelphia, had always dreamt of visiting Hawaii after their retirement. But when the day finally arrived and they could start to plan a month-long trip to The Big Island, they realized they had a problem.

At home, George, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, drove a specially adapted vehicle, and the couple didn’t expect to be able to rent one at their destination. Fortunately, a friend recommended an auto transporting company that could ship the couple’s car to Hawaii. Betty didn’t hesitate. She called and explained the situation. The auto transporting company’s customer service representative was very supportive and helped her plan a pick-up and delivery date. She also told Betty exactly how to prepare the vehicle for auto transporting, so the couple would be able to drive the car as soon as it was delivered.

Both Betty and George were delighted. With their own car, they were free to explore the island at their leisure and George could still enjoy driving. Thanks to auto transporting, what otherwise might have been a sedentary beach vacation became a month of exploring all of the island’s natural beauty!



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