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Protecting Your Car After the Car Carrier Leaves

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Protecting Your Car After the Car Carrier Leaves

Last fall, Louise relocated from Seattle to Los Angeles for a new job. In order to save time and money, she hired a car carrier to move her much-loved Volvo down the West Coast. The car carrier delivered her car to her new home in Hollywood, and Louise was excited to drive it to work the next day. Unfortunately, new to the city and busy with her new job, she hadn’t given much thought to how safe street parking was. The morning after the car carrier had delivered her Volvo, she woke up to find it had been stolen.

Louise's story illustrates a valid point: how do you protect your car after the car carrier leaves? First of all, it’s always a smart idea to install a good anti-theft device in your car. Most car carriers request that you turn these off during shipping, so don’t forget to activate yours after the car carrier drops off your vehicle! It’s also a good idea to find out where street parking is safest, and even to rent a parking space in a secure parking garage so you don’t have to worry about your car being stolen or broken into.



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