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Going Green? Use Car Shipping

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Going Green? Use Car Shipping

Recent studies show that if there were one car shipping company in each state, the U.S. would save approximately 150 million gallons of fuel and reduce emissions by 2 billion pounds of greenhouse gases. Car shipping offers a convenient and affordable method of transportation for Americans moving cross-country for work, study, or leisure. Additionally, car shipping is greener and takes less of a toll on the environment than individual road trips, as the amount of fuel used by a single car carrier is significantly less than the total fuel used if the cars on the transport drove to their destinations individually.

Fortunately, going green doesn’t have to be difficult, as one car shipping company recently demonstrated. This company is at the forefront of research and development of highly fuel-efficient car shipping equipment. By employing the latest technology, the car shipping company significantly reduces its carbon emissions. Additionally, none of its shipments leave until the car carriers are full, and the company looks for the shortest routes to reduce its fuel consumption. And all of this results in lower car shipping rates for customers, as well as the knowledge that they’re doing their best to reduce the impact on the environment.



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