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Oil Prices Drive Up Car Shipping Rates

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Oil Prices Drive Up Car Shipping Rates

Over the past weeks, the recent political developments and civil unrest in the Middle East have been driving up the prices of oil dramatically on the international market. According to experts, fuel prices in the United States could reach as much as $5 per gallon by the summer. And with fuel prices this high, car shipping rates are set to rise as well, as auto transport companies have to calculate the prices of fuel into their overall car shipping rates.

But if you’re planning to move and want to relocate your car, it’s good to be aware that car shipping rates will still be cheaper than driving yourself. With fuel prices currently topping $4 per gallon, it’s clear that a cross-country road trip is far from affordable for most of us—and that’s without the costs of food and lodging along the way. Even with higher car shipping rates, car transport will save you both time and money, while providing you a stress-free way to relocate your car. If you’re planning to relocate your car, the best advice is to book your auto transport as soon as possible, as this increases your chances of locking in lower car shipping rates.



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