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Shipping Automobiles Across Country for Classic Car Collectors

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Shipping Automobiles Across Country for Classic Car Collectors

If you’re new to collecting classic cars, you’re best advised to look into shipping automobiles across country. Most of us spend months looking for the classic car we want online, at classic car shows and at classic car dealerships. And when that 1956 Soft Top Sunset Coral Ford Thunderbird pops up on your radar, you’re going to go for it, right?

But when the seller’s located in a small village in New England, and you live in California, you’ll need to know about shipping automobiles across country to get your dream car to you.

The most important thing about shipping automobiles across country is to coordinate everything properly with the seller. Use a company with a proven track record, and make sure that both you and the seller know all of the details of the itinerary. Because you’re on the receiving end, you’ll have to request that the seller provides all of the car’s paperwork for the shipping company. Make sure that the shipping company has the right equipment for vintage vehicles, and enquire about available insurance coverage for shipping automobiles across country. If you have any questions, make sure to get answers before shipping.



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