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Sports Cars for Sports Stars

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Sports Cars for Sports Stars

When David Beckham wants to jump into his new Chevy Camaro after a hard training session, if you’re his agent, you don’t want to be the one to tell him his car is still at the dealership. One of the most important contacts in every agent’s smart phone is a dependable vehicle carrier with a proven track record of catering to sports stars and their sports cars.

And vehicle carriers aren’t just important when your client buys a new car. Let’s say your client’s just signed an advertising contract with Mercedes and will receive the latest model as part of the deal. Your trusted vehicle carrier can get it to your client’s house in a matter of days, at the most. Or maybe your client is suddenly expected to be at a training camp on the other side of the country for a month. Unless he wants to leave his cars behind, you’ll need a good vehicle carrier to ship them to him.

Reliable vehicle carriers offer 24-hour customer service departments with representatives who are always available to take your call. In addition, the very best vehicle carriers have real-time tracking systems so celebrity clients always know exactly where their cars are.



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